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IMR Ice Auckland

Lease Deals On Cube Ice In Auckland
Guaranteed From Auckland's Dedicated Ice Making Machine Rental Company.
We specialise in medium to long term rentals of ice makers for all users of cubed ice:
Bars, Nightclubs, Hotels, Food Processing Plants, Restaurants, Cafés etc.

Why buy ice when you can hire an ice machine from us?
"Get Twice the Ice for Half the Price!"*


We'll give you:
  A top quality, stainless steel, commercial
    Hoshizaki ice machine, producing water
    purified free flowing fresh ice cubes.
  Free installation.**
  Free 6 monthly ice maker maintenance.
  Free 6 monthly Omnipure water purifier
  Free breakdown service if ever needed.

Hoshizaki IM-240M2E Commercial Ice Maker  
         Selection from our rental range:
Hoshizaki Icemaker
Ice Production
(Approx) kg/24 Hrs
Ice Storage
Suitable For:
IM 30 24 11.5 Small Cafe
IM 45 41 18 Cafe (Smoothies)
IM 65 56 26 Small Restaurant
IM 130 104 50 Boutique Bar, Pub
IM 240 M2E 205 110 Pub, Small Bar
IM 240 DME 230 95 - 275 Large Restaurant
IM 240 AME 230 136 - 408 Bar, Small Nightclub
KM 630 283 136 - 408 Large Bar, Nightclub
KM 900 381 227 - 408 Food Processing Plant

IM30 through to IM240M2E ice cube icemakers incorporate integral 'one size' storage bins. Whereas IM240DME and larger machines are modular cubers, each one able to be mounted on a range of different sized storage bins.
Other capacity ice makers are also available for hire, ask us about our full rental range.

Please contact us for our current lease terms and pricing options.

Our leased ice makers are 100% tax deductible, with fixed weekly or monthly payments for ease of budgeting.
You'll have no capital outlay, and machine obsolescence will never catch up with you...


Call us now for more details:
(0800 423 622)

*  With direct comparisons made to cube ice bought from ice suppliers, rent a commercial Hoshizaki ice maker from us and you will pay approximately half the price and get up to two times, or more, the quantity of ice.
(Cost saving ratios will vary according to ice maker size, with our smaller machines expected to give the lessor returns, and our larger lease ice machines able to give even greater returns.
Either way, small icemaker or large, we guarantee you more ice for less $$$.)

** Subject to suitable proximity of water, drainage and power.

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