What size commercial ice machine do I need?

Call us for a free site visit and we’ll advise you on the right commercial ice machine to suit the space you have available and your ice production needs.

What is required for ice machine installation?

  • A suitable area big enough for the ice machine with space at the sides and back to allow for cooling airflow.
  • A power outlet within 1.5m.
  • A water feed with a shut off tap connected within 1.5m.
  • A floor level or low wall drain with trap connected for discharge of cold water.

Who carries out installation of the ice machine?

We do! Ice Machine Rentals will come to your premises and install an ice machine to ensure it is up and running, ready for use.

Who services the ice machine and how often?

We do! Ice Machine Rentals will come to your premises every six months and service the ice machine. We will also replace the water filter to ensure clean, fresh, great tasting ice cubes.

Why does drainage need to be so low to the ground?

Drainage needs to be either at floor level or lower than 200mm from ground in order for the ice machine to drain excess water. Ice machines do not pump water to the drain like a washing machine does. We need gravity fall from the outflow of the ice machine to the drain.

What if I can’t achieve drainage at the correct height?

There are a several ways that drainage might be achieved.

  • Build a platform for the ice machine to be installed on in order to heighten the outflow point.
  • Install a water pump for the ice machine to discharge into.

Do you hire ice machines for residential or personal use?

Unfortunately not. Our ice machines are commercial grade and not suitable for home use.

Do you do short term ice machine hire?

Unfortunately not. The cost of installation and servicing the ice machines makes it uneconomic for short term rentals.

Do you require a deposit?

Not in most cases. We only require deposits in special circumstance, e.g. if the hirer does not reside within New Zealand.

What about insurance for the ice machine?

It is part of the contract conditions that the ice machine will be covered by your insurance while installed in your premises. This insurance should cover Fire, Theft, Electrical Fusion and Natural Disasters and be for the full replacement value.

What if I need to stop the contract before the end of the rental term?

If you are unable to complete the contract hire term, Ice Machine Rentals will firstly collect the ice machine from your premises and then make an offer to settle the unexpired part of the specified term of hire. Any discount on the remaining payments due will be at the full discretion of Ice Machine Rentals Limited.